Small kitchen appliances usher in a quality upgrade, and the industry will be more subdivided

Tue May 31 2022 Henry

small kitchen appliances usher in a quality upgrade, and the industry will be more subdivided

From the perspective of products, small kitchen appliances can be divided into traditional small kitchen appliances and creative small appliances, which are different from the current market holdings, product characteristics and development trends.


With rice cookers, electric kettles, etc. as the representative of rigid demand, traditional small kitchen appliances have a relatively high market share. The current main demand is the need for replacement. In order to meet the increasingly diversified needs of users under the consumption upgrade, enterprises are targeting electric rice cookers, electric kettles and other rigid needs. Small household appliances are also constantly being upgraded. For example, low-sugar rice cookers, intelligent rice cookers, and even innovative steam rice cookers have emerged in the past two years. Traditional small kitchen appliances are also more focused on appearance and artistic styling. Electric kettle products have increased temperature regulation. , touch screen control functions, etc., the requirements for materials and safety are getting higher and higher, and traditional small kitchen appliances are constantly being upgraded in terms of user experience, appearance, and performance.


Creative small home appliances are the "stars" of small kitchen home appliances in recent years. With the growth of long-tail category demand, a large number of listed creative small home appliance companies have been born, including Xiaoxiong Electric, Beiding Co., Ltd., Xinbao Co., Ltd., etc. However, creative small appliances The small home appliance market has also experienced a market decline in 2021, and the stock prices of listed companies have fallen sharply. Has the trend of creative small home appliances passed? Liu Kai believes that "the sharp decline in the stock prices of many creative small home appliance companies does not mean that the trend of creative small home appliances has passed.


However, under the influence of the epidemic and the economic environment, the public tends to be conservative in the consumption of creative small household appliances, and will make more prudent decisions when purchasing. Under the current pursuit of self-centered value by more young people, modern young people pay more and more attention to individualization and quality, and young people's pursuit of creative small appliances will not decrease, especially in the future. Therefore, in the future, creative small household appliances will present a new development situation, such as branding, technology, and quality. "


In view of the next development trend of the small kitchen appliance industry, Liu Kai believes that "2022 is an important year for the development of small kitchen appliances for quality life, and the industry will be more subdivided, more mid-to-high-end, and more Creative. Continue to infiltrate high-quality small appliances into the kitchen to meet the people's pursuit of quality life."


A number of companies have entered into clean electrical appliances, with a multi-dimensional layout to cope with the pressure

However, under the current situation of rising raw material prices and pressure on the industry, while improving the quality of small kitchen appliances, small kitchen appliance companies also deploy from more dimensions, hoping to respond to environmental changes through diversified development models.


For example, Beiding has extended supplies and ingredients products on the basis of the original electrical appliances. According to the annual report of Beiding, the revenue of supplies and ingredients in 2021 will reach 188 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 92.56%, accounting for Beiding brand revenue The ratio is about 30%. Beiding believes that the high growth of supplies and ingredients is related to the scene composed of electrical appliances, because it brings users a more convenient, more assured and higher-quality experience.


In addition, with the popularity of clean electrical appliances, many small kitchen appliance companies have extended their business to clean electrical appliances, especially the popular washing machine business.


The Shark brand of Joyoung Co., Ltd. has become increasingly popular in cleaning appliances in recent years. Joyoung expressed that in the future, it will firmly develop the product line combination of small kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, small cleaning appliances and water appliances, and expand Joyoung brand and Shark (Shark). ) brand synergy value.


Mofei, a subsidiary of Xinbao Co., Ltd., also announced its entry into the clean electrical appliance track last year. Xinbao Co., Ltd. said, "In 2022, the number of Mofei brand categories will exceed that in 2021, mainly in kitchens and household appliances. Mofei washing machines will follow-up. Arrangement of product iterations.


Also targeting clean electrical appliances is Supor. In September 2021, Supor launched a suction and drag integrated machine. Supor said in an institutional survey, "In 2021, the sales growth rate of environmental household appliances will be higher than the company's average growth rate. Continued investment in electrical appliances.


Xiaoxiong Electric will continue to adhere to the diversification of categories. Next, it will focus on products, strengthen existing advantageous categories, refine emerging categories, and take the route of high-quality products. At the same time, it will actively expand small household appliances such as life categories, health categories, and maternal and infant categories.


In the final analysis, the breakthroughs of enterprises in more directions are to cope with the current downward pressure on small kitchen appliances, but as users have higher and higher demands for quality life, the small kitchen appliance industry will also usher in a new round of quality upgrades. Times, Liu Kai said, "The quality of life kitchen appliances is not only reflected in the quality and performance of the product itself, but also a sense of comfort in the kitchen, representing a happy and textured kitchen space, a kind of kitchen life enjoyment."

Small kitchen appliances usher in a quality upgrade, and the industry will be more subdivided
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